My Favourite Widget! :)

My favourite widget is my map so I know where my visitors are coming from so I can connect with them more and also so I know if my blog is popular or not.

I use cluster maps if you look on my old blog (  I only have a cluster mapo no revolver map or flag counter because you really only need one map becuase all of the maps are from different times so each map will have a different number of people that have visited so it’s truely not right.

What is your favourite widget?


Questions I have! :)

Hi once agian, I have some questions for people in Scotland and Ireland! I am asking these two countries because I am part Scotish and part Irish. Ok so here are my questions for Ireland,

What are your main attractions? 

What part of Ireland should I visit?

Is there any special events through the year?

What is the best time of year to visit?

Now here are my questions for Scotland,

Do people still talk with a Scotish accent?

Are there any traditions that have been carried on for years?

What part of Scotland would be most fun to visit?

What are some of the main attractions ?

 Please comment with answers. 🙂   Thanks



10 Contries I would love to go! :)

The ten countries I would love to go is: Ireland, India, China, Italy, United Kingdom (Scotland), Egypt, Bolivia,Zaire, Japan, and Madagascar. These are the reasons why…

 I would like to go to Ireland because I am part Irish and I would love to got here and see where my family came from long ago.

 India- To watch all the dancers I find it really kool because I think it would be really hard to learn the way they dance.

Zaire– I’ve never heard of so I would like to go there and visit so I could learn the culture and see what its all about.

 Italy– To see the Iffle tower and go sight seeing. I did a project on it and I’ve wanted to go there ever since.

Bolivia– To see what syle of life they have and how they live.

China– Everything is made in China so I would like to see where most of our stuff comes from.

United Kingdom- To go to Scotland because I am also part Scotish and some of my family crossed over long ago from Scotland.

Egypt– To go and see the pyramids and Sphinx also to learn more of their culture I’ve always been interested in Egypt and the way they lived way back then.

Madagascar– To see all the different kinds of animals ones that I’ve never seen before and really want to see. 🙂

 Those are my ten countries that I would like to visit and why.

Comment where you would like to visit.



Tweety Bird!

Tweety birdis an awesome cartoon character and is one of my favourite. Tweety Bird is one of my favourite because he is a cute bright yellow little birdie that is always trying to stay away from the bad “putty tat” and is the perfect little birdie that does no harm.   He has the best voice ever it is hard to do. I think he will be fun to do since we are doing art today and have to pick a chartoon character even though we have no clue what excatly we are doing with the cartoon characters. Tweety bird is an awesome chartoon character and my uncle still watches it!

 Comment with your favourite cartoon characters!


Hello! :)

Hi everyone! Just a heads up my teacher hacked me and posted the first post and made my about page in front of the class to teach them how to do things I was doing this edublog challenge last year I have the same teacher so we are going to continue blogging. I now have two blogs I have myone form last year ( Ashley’s Blog) So I have two blog I will try to keep them both updated so if you visit this one you should visit my blog from last year because it has some different things on it then this one will. 🙂 Leave a comment so I can visit one of your blogs! 🙂 Thanks

My Favourite Colour

So I was asked by my crazy teacher to chose my favourite colour.  I chose black just to make her mad and think that I am all emo and need help with a psychiatrist and all.  Black symbolises death, doom and destruction….just like what I feel when I have to cut the lawn.  Have you ever had to cut the lawn?  Doesn’t it make you feel black?