A couple weird goals for New Years!

Some things I can change about my self is when people make me mad not to react to it, and start setting goals. If I start setting goals I will push my self to meet them and do better.

Something I can do for school is take my time when writing and proof reading. I would like to do this because I am a very messy writer and by reading my work I will catch my mistakes and get a better mark.

A couple of things I can do for my family is try to get along with Jason and Jake because I really don’t like them. It might do me good to get along with them and not argue or fight.

Stuff I can do for the local community is help my neighbors with maple syrup and not litter. I would help them because they do all of the woods behind our houses and it is a lot of area to cover.

For our world I can help out other countries. For example I can help more with operation Christmas child by donating money to be shipped or donate items to fill the boxes.

My favourite thing to do while waiting for internet pages/tabs are loading!

Everytime I go on the computer at school I always load a website called this is sand . It is art with sand and different colours the easiest and quickest thing  to make is mountins. The computers at my school are pretty slow so I load the website and make art with sand while I wait for pages and tabs to load. It’s accuallly really fun you can make alot of things with sand. Here is my sand art I just did this really fast so it doesn’t look the best but it is still really cool. 🙂

My Favourite Sport!!

By Ashley. From www.tagxedo.com

I love volleyball  it is by far my favourite sport because you need a team to play with out the others players it is extremely hard to play. THERE IS NO I IN TEAM. 🙂  As you can see in this photo from Tagxedo shows you all the this in volleyball but there are even more than this. Volleyball requires skill and and dedication. If your not dedicated then your probaly not going to dive/dig for the ball if it in front of you so the other team doesn’t get a point on you.  Volley ball has six players on the court at a time and you normally have two setters and four hitters, the setters are always on the opposite of eachother. Then when a setter is not it the center that’s closest to the net we do a switch so the setter is in the center.

What is your favourite sport????


A Blog I Commented on and Why.

A blog that I have commented on is Teegan’s  Blog it is truely amazing everytime I got o her blog I think of ways of how I can inprove on my blog. She has lots of photos and information in her posts they are always intersting. I love her Blogs I think it is the best by far. Teegan has different kool things that I have never seen before or heard of. I would love to make my blogs as half as good as hers. I commented on her post about her favourite country and what she did. I commented on that post because it was really interesting and she said there was snakes there and if  were her I would go crazy becasue I hate snakes.

 I highly reccomend that all of you guys go and visit her blog!


About My Family.

My  family is very confuzing, my parents are divorced they have been ever since I was really young. I still have a pretty good life though I have four Christmas’s two at my dads and one at my moms and then one at my grandparents on her side. We do the same thing at both houses pretty much we pick a “Santa” to deliver a gift to one person at a time so we can get pictures of everyone opening their presents and stockings. Then we have a meal and talk to eachother about what we have done of the littel bit of the past. It’s always fun except for having to leav in the middle of one and go to the other one inn the middle of it.

What do you do wit your family?


Halloween +_-

From http://www.khanehiran.ca/site/wp-content/uploads/halloween2pk6.jpgHalloween is amazing, I love it but  not all religions and countries celebrate Halloween for different reasons. It could be against their religion or even in some countries they may not have heard it or know exactly what Halloween is or about. Halloween is on the 31st of October and and at night kids dress up in costumes and go trick or treating you go and knock on doors and you say ” Trick or Treat” and you get candy.  A few years ago I got 2 garbage bags full and my dad ate it all, he is a junk food aholic! For Halloween I decorate my house with cotton over the rails with spider stuck in it’s web also we put one witch on each railing on the porch. This year I am staying home  but I will probally go to my friends or there is a slight chance I will go Trick or Treating.

What are you doing for Halloween? (If you do Halloweeen)

~*Ashley*~ +_-

If I could learn anything……

If I could learn anything it would have to be how to be a pro volleyball player, because I love valley ball becasue it is a team sport , and it is really fun. Also my school for intermediatesour teams always bring home a pennetn for volley ball becasue we are awesome at volleyball. Last year the intermediate girls (my team) went undefeated  in practice games and in the turnament, we won a pennent. I want to learn how to be pro and then teach others how to play and become really good volleyball players. Last year Alison and I  helped teach the junior volleyball team but sadly we didnt get a pennent but the team played well. I can’t wait untill volleyball starts this  year, I could play volleyball night and day because it is sooo much fun and I could never get sick of playing.

If you could do anything what would it be?


Finish my story :)

Once there was a little boy named John and he had a really bad life. His parent ignored him and never fed him, if he wanted to eat something he would have to go and make it himself or go beg for food and money on the streets to survive. He was only 7 years old. When John reached 13 he got so fed up with his parents he left without telling anyone, he traveled on foot for months, he finally reached the war camp by the Hallow Beach.The army was so deprerite for people to fight in the war they had to accept him. He fought long days in battles, there nothing to keep him thriving forward to fight, he felt loney and exausted, but he kept fighting in battles for 4 years because he had nowhere to go. It was October 30th 1758 when John went into the biggest battle of his life, 8 hours into the battle a man came up behind him and……….

Now it’s your time finish my story to figure out how it ends! 🙂 Please comment Thanks


Halloween! :)

I love Halloween, October is the one month that me and my mom go crazy and decorate to the best of our ablitly. We love it more than Christmas because we love scary movies like all the Paranormal activity, Insidious, The last Exorcism. They are all my favourite scary movies, it’s the most fun when you watch it with someone and make them jump at scary parts. Its the best 🙂 I love it. I go crazy for Halloween because  near Halloween there is always a full moon and this year me my cousin Will, and Tyler played hide and go seek in a cemetary at 10 at night and we lost Tyler he scared the crap out of us becasue we were in the car and somehow he snuck up and jumped on the car more than once…. It was soo scaryy but soo funny at the same time.

   Here  is a kool Halloween picture by Randy son of Robert. Creative commons.http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3211/2982570391_b090e874ea.jpg

Website –

Awesome Haloween decorations

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is when your on the internet you need to be and act approprite at all times when your on the internet. When you are commenting on a blog you want to be nice and you don’t want to be mean or give bad advice on purpose. It’s not only for commenting on blogs it’s porting aswell. It also applies to facebook, msn, emailing, texting and  anything to do with electronics pretty much. You can post somethig on facebook that is really mean then you realize that it is mean and offendas someone and just because you delete doesnt mean that noone saw it and there are ways that people can go back and see that. So remeber to be nice and not offend people or be mean to them while blogging or texting or facebooking.