Halloween +_-

From http://www.khanehiran.ca/site/wp-content/uploads/halloween2pk6.jpgHalloween is amazing, I love it but  not all religions and countries celebrate Halloween for different reasons. It could be against their religion or even in some countries they may not have heard it or know exactly what Halloween is or about. Halloween is on the 31st of October and and at night kids dress up in costumes and go trick or treating you go and knock on doors and you say ” Trick or Treat” and you get candy.  A few years ago I got 2 garbage bags full and my dad ate it all, he is a junk food aholic! For Halloween I decorate my house with cotton over the rails with spider stuck in it’s web also we put one witch on each railing on the porch. This year I am staying home  but I will probally go to my friends or there is a slight chance I will go Trick or Treating.

What are you doing for Halloween? (If you do Halloweeen)

~*Ashley*~ +_-

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