Finish my story :)

Once there was a little boy named John and he had a really bad life. His parent ignored him and never fed him, if he wanted to eat something he would have to go and make it himself or go beg for food and money on the streets to survive. He was only 7 years old. When John reached 13 he got so fed up with his parents he left without telling anyone, he traveled on foot for months, he finally reached the war camp by the Hallow Beach.The army was so deprerite for people to fight in the war they had to accept him. He fought long days in battles, there nothing to keep him thriving forward to fight, he felt loney and exausted, but he kept fighting in battles for 4 years because he had nowhere to go. It was October 30th 1758 when John went into the biggest battle of his life, 8 hours into the battle a man came up behind him and……….

Now it’s your time finish my story to figure out how it ends! 🙂 Please comment Thanks


5 thoughts on “Finish my story :)

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  2. Hi Ashley,
    My name is Emily. I love your story it is so interesting. I would like to guess what happened. Did he get stabbed or killed that’s my answer. Keep on posting up stories because you are really good at it. 😉

    • Thanks and I was thinking different for an ending I was thinking that his father camae up behind him and told him how sorry he was for all that they put him through when he was young and how much he wanted to win the war with his his son that he missed so much over the years. 🙂 And yes I will try to keep posting beggining of stories. What is your blog name? I will come and visit it sometime! 🙂

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